woodruff S/S 2013

Woodruff is a womenswear project that I did along with my teammates. It based on the simplicity of life, nature-driven personality that reflected down-to-earth attitude of modern women. Inspired by the flower “sweet woodruff” which is known as humility symbol, Woodruff is a brand that embraces fashion with unpretentious mind, sincerity, quality, and honour. Sophisticated yet wearable, Woodruff offers an essential wardrobe of high-quality fashion. Woodruff push the boundaries of effortless sophistication, bringing back simplicity mixed with artistry and workmanship. First collection is for Spring/Summer 2013 – and our collection is inspired from the Tibet Culture and People – The humble attitude and devoted life, mixed with the appreciation of nature surrounding them, has prompted us to pour the unpretentious feeling into womenswear collection for modern woman. We did extensive research on 2013 fashion trend, and combined it with the colours that represent Tibet.

-Research based on Woman Magazines and WGSN 2012 on 2013 Fashion Trend

-Woodruff Final Illustration – by Chiara Tiara

-Woodruff S/S 2013 Catalog Shoot